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Creative Writing

In the last three years, I have developed the interested of writing. In particular, I write 

  • short stories/fiction,
  • poems, 
  • personal experiences,
  • travelogues 
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Poems in Hindis

Apart from the stories, travelogues, etc. I have find out time to jot a few poems in Hindi. My favourites are: 

  • Mukhauta,
  • Rail ki Patriyaan,
  • Mrit Cheekh, 
  • Adhuri Tasveer
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I also find photography quite interesting. Travel and photography go hand in hand. So, follow the link to see .. more

Chachu's Column

Contains artilces/essaays on various aspects of public life. Follow this link to read the complete set of articles/essays .. more



In my college days, I was actively involved in theatre. Two of my favourite plays are 

  • "Court Martial" and 
  • "Pagla Ghoda". 
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