Technical Stuff





In my ten year stint in IT industry, I have been involved in the following projects in various capacities. These projects are enumerate below:  

  • Testing an IAD for Routing protocols like RIP/OSPF
  • Multi-protocol Lambda Switching (MPLS) Software Development
  • AAL2 Signaling Stack Development
  • OS Wrapper Development 
  • Air Interface Specification for Spaceway
  • Simulation Study for Spaceway
  • ATM-SVC UNI 4.0 ... more




I have a penchant for writing comes. One of my prized achievements of my professional career is the publication of a comprehensive book on ATM titled "ATM Networks: Concepts and Protocols". Since then I have also authored books in the following:



The following technical papers co-authored by me are available for download. These papers are as follows: 

  • IP Routing in Heterogeneous Environment
  • Lossless Data Compression
  • ATM SVC Signaling Stack
  • AAL2 Overview 
  • Timer Implementation 
  • Voice over ATM  ... more


Page last updated on 15th April, 2008.